cctv cameras installation & services

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cctv camera installations
cctv camera installations

Whether you are the head of a family or head of a business, your first priority is keep your loved ones and employees safe. At Home Hunters we provide most sophisticated and advanced CCTV camera to cater all your security needs, be it your home or at your work place.

Why CCTV Cameras Installation?

Better than A Human eye:

A well-designed CCTV infrastructure is practically impenetrable and can provide 100% coverage. Multiple cameras keeping an eye on each other’s blind spots in addition to keeping an eye on the most vulnerable areas of the property, full monitoring is not hampered by human errors such as the guard being on shut-eye or being busy with something else.

Remote Access:

You can have all the surveillance at of your fingertips, the latest cameras installed can have facility to provide online remote access to you on your smart phone android, windows or IOS based. Remote online access as well as recording of the events documents everything should it be needed by you in the future.

Settle Disputes Impartially with Evidence:

This is especially useful for commercial scenarios such as when any staff or customers feuds need disentangling. With a CCTV camera installed in the perimeter, you will be able to refer to the footage with the evidence that can solve the conflict

Get Insurance benefits:

As we all know whether you wish to insure your house, vehicle or business the more secure there is the better insurance rate you can get, thus having CCTV security systems installed will make your property more desirable for your insurance agent to give you better discounts as they have the peace of mind , in case of any theft or other insurance claim they can always review the CCTV footage to get concrete proof of any unforeseen incident which needs insurance claim.

Reduction in crime:

CCTV surveillance help reduce the crime, it’s a proven fact that people are at their best behavior when they realize they are being watched and can be caught, You can help in stopping the fraudulent activities by getting the CCTV systems installed anywhere in your home or office and get the crime rate reduced. Moreover it gives everyone involved a sense of security. When the prevention aspect fails and the criminal has either neglected to spot the camera or simply didn’t care about it, CCTV cameras can be your only chance to catch the offender.

Why Choose Homehunters CCTV Camera Installation?

We provide installation by professionals of the product that will provide you years of security for your business and home. We have a dedicated security team of field Technicians, Sales personnel, Engineers and Administrative support staff that work together seamlessly to ensure that our clients are kept abreast on all aspects of their projects and those projects are completed within all established timeframes. To make sure that our clients are receiving outstanding support and service. Our technical team continues to provide outstanding support and service during all phases of our clients’ projects, from design to installation and beyond. Our team offers 24/7 support. Home Hunters Has Been Providing Security System Services Since Last 5 Years, We Are Specialized In Installation And Building Integrated Security Solutions For Both Public And Private Sectors (Companies, Retails, Transport, Banking, Private Homes, Healthcare Organizations, Educational Facilities, And Government Agencies, With Diverse Client Base. We Are Often Faced With The Challenge Of Finding The Prefect Security Solutions To Meet The Need Of Our Client. With Our Strong Technical Background, Understanding Of Networking and Integrated Security Solutions, It Enables Us to Build Sophisticated Surveillance Applications That Are Available Anytime and Any Where.

Our goal is to provide peace of mind by offering customized integrated security solutions. We strive to partner with our clients in understanding their business aspirations to ensure the fulfillment of their current and future plans and goals. We deliver quality at every level of our organization for the benefit of our customers

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